West’s Traditions


Lizzie Lembo (‘20) and Corrin Buczacki (‘21) show their school spirit by participating in WEST’s Pink Out!

Ella Bradbury, Staff Reporter

Downingtown WEST has many traditions that help make West WEST.

One of the main traditions every student will remember for years to come are our spirit weeks — the weeks leading up to important dates. The entire school participates in spirit weeks, organized by Student Council, in the week leading up to big football games, holidays, and breaks.

Sports teams even participate in their own spirit weeks, organized by their team captains, to get the team excited for their games. Students around WEST love the spirit weeks. Senior at WEST, Alicia Djomani, said,  “[Spirit weeks] help get the students and teachers excited for whatever is coming.”

The spirit week tradition is one of the many traditions that WEST has that will surely stick with the students for years to come.