Say “YES!” to Y.E.S. Club!


Courtesy of Y.E.S. Instagram

Y.E.S. Club at West is a great way to participate in a productive dialogue about issues that matter.

Lea Filidore, Staff Reporter

Youth Equity Solutions is a first-year club at Downingtown West High School focused on honoring diversity and promoting equitable access for all learners. Youth Equity Solutions, more commonly referred to as Y.E.S., is a club that allows students to partake in open conversation in a safe, welcoming space. Typically held once a month in the West library, Y.E.S. meetings are a party with food and light conversation available for all participants to enjoy before the festivities even begin. After some light munching on chips and other sweet treats, the wonderful Y.E.S. leaders introduce the day’s discussion topic with an opening statement, video, or activity.

When asked what inspired the creation of the Y.E.S. Club, West junior Olivia Day said, “We wanted to promote equity across West. Not only among different races but for any type of minority.” Since its creation, Youth Equity Solutions had explored many topics with students from all different walks of life. Some of the issues the club has explored include racial concerns, politics, and disability (including learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities).

Based on all the previous meeting topics, senior Alicia Djomani says, “So far, I’d have to say my favorite topics we’ve discussed was our first meeting on racial concerns. Being a difficult topic to discuss for many, I was genuinely surprised at the turn out we got! At first, it was a tad awkward but it ended up being a very enlightening intellectual experience.”

Youth Equity Solutions provides a safe and understanding environment in which students of all genders, races, and orientations can discuss (not debate!) relevant and important issues within Downingtown West as well as globally. Y.E.S. Club has created a space for students, friends or not, to understand each other and become close. Olivia Day says “I love how we weren’t all friends before this club but now we’re all good friends.”

Similarly, Alicia Djomani touched on the people she has met through Y.E.S. saying, “They come from so many different groups whether it be politically, socially, and lastly economically. The entire purpose of the club is to come together to discuss these difficult topics and hear different viewpoints and I think the variety of people that come to the meetings helps facilitate precisely that purpose.”

The next Y.E.S. meeting topic is Body Image and the meeting date is yet to be determined. For more information and updates on meetings and discussion topics, follow @dw_yes on Instagram.