D-West Cafeteria Features New and Classic Offerings


Ashlyn Brown

Pizza is one of the many options offered by the Downingtown West’s cafeteria.

Ashlyn Brown, Staff Reporter

Do you buy lunch? Do you want something different to eat, but you don’t know what our school cafeteria has to offer? Downingtown High School West offers a variety of options for lunch; they also have lots of snacks.

For lunches, Aramark, our school’s food provider, always offers the staples. For example, you can always get a slice of pizza, a cheeseburger, some pasta, or tater tots. If you want to aim for something a bit more healthy, you can get a salad or a wrap. On select days, they offer walking tacos, buffalo chicken pizza, and waffle fries. A fellow junior, Abigail Chichester (’21) said, “I love getting their pasta for lunch,” when asked about the options they have.

If you don’t eat breakfast when you get up in the morning, but you get hungry before lunch, you can buy a bagel, toasted or not, with cream cheese if desired, or a muffin; Aramark offers blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins.

The cafeteria offers a multitude of iconic snacks, too. For example, Doritos, Cheez-Its, pretzels, potato chips, and different fruits and vegetables are always available for purchase.

Stop on down to the Downingtown High School West’s cafeteria to try any of these yummy options. Hope to see you there!