Midterm Review Tips


DASD Administration

This year’s midterms schedule spans the long MLK day weekend.

Kayla Boileau, Staff Reporter

Midterms are coming up quicker than ever, starting this upcoming Wednesday, January 15th.  You may be feeling stressed, but with a few easy tips and tricks, you can tackle your midterms feeling like a straight-A student!

Some good study habits consist of approaching the study guides little by little. Do not fall into the pressure of finishing the giant review packet all at once. Start attacking your review by doing one page a night.

Another great way to review is in groups; get a couple of your fellow classmates and start a study group. Hearing different views on certain topics will help you remember the content that may be on your tests.

Additionally, you may want to explore the different modes of learning and studying. Find what works for you and focus on that study strategy. If you are a visual learner do not be scared to check online for study aides beyond what your teacher might distribute in class. Khan Academy, for instance, is a great online tool for reviewing.

Most importantly, start now! Attack your midterms review as soon as you can, and that will minimize your overall stress.

Best of luck on your midterms, West!