Local Restaurant Review: Estrella Tacos y Mas

Tacos y Mas!  Visit Estrella for some of Downingtown's best bites.

Courtesy Estrella y Mas

Tacos y Mas! Visit Estrella for some of Downingtown’s best bites.

Madison Lydon, Staff Reporter

When you hear “Estrella Tacos y Mas,” there are two places your mind may go: 1. Why would they name a restaurant with such a weird name? 2. If it’s only tacos, I do not want to eat there.

But that’s not it! Estrella is more than just tacos or a “weird name;” it is a family-friendly place to go with amazing food that people are willing to wait hours to eat.

When you walk into Estrella, your whole vibe changes. The inside is decorated for every season–right now for Christmas, but when it’s not a holiday it is still filled with Texas filled decorations, courtesy of the owners who are from Texas and wanted to bring some of it to Downingtown, and a homey feeling that makes you feel like you are eating in the comfort of your home–not some loud, crowded, multi-chain restaurant.

There is always upbeat music playing, a movie or sporting event on the projector. The servers, the hostesses, the bar people, and everyone that works there is so nice and help create that homey environment everyone wants to be in. Estrella also is very kid-friendly. Estrella participates in every event that happens in Downingtown, and they also involve the children. At Halloween time, they had a cookie decorating for children during the trick or treat event, and, recently at their Santa breakfast, which was also for families and their children, they had a kids’ craft station.  In addition to their family-friendly atmosphere, Estrella supports many local businesses, and it is always promoting places and other people along with themselves.

Aside from the amazing environment they have created, Estrella’s biggest selling point is their food. They live up to their name of “Tacos y Mas” by having a large variety of tacos with crazy combinations that create a delicious meal. The tacos are amazing, but the other items on the menu hit it out of the park. Estrella features homemade burgers, sandwiches, nachos, chicken sliders, mac and cheese–almost anything you want, they most likely have with their own Texas twist on them.

My personal favorite meal is the Waylon burger. It is a burger with steak sauce, fried onions, and fries. It’s an amazing burger that anyone has to try. They always keep the customers on their toes by putting out new specials every week. The cooks come up with amazing options that are always super popular each weekend, and if they are loved by the customers, they add them to the permanent menu. The food they make is amazing.

Most of Downingtown loves the restaurant and its staff, and there are always people who give their positive opinions about the food. Kelly Davis, a senior at Downingtown West says, “Estrella is one of the best places out there, nothing beats their queso!” Tyriq Lewis, another senior at Downingtown West, says, “The brisket slaps. Put the brisket in the grilled cheese and you’ve got a masterpiece.”

So many people enjoy the restaurant and the food they put out, and Estrella’s food is so good they also won Best Main Line Tacos for 2019! Estrella has an amazing environment, people, and food. If you’re ever in Downingtown looking for a new restaurant, I would highly recommend Estrella Tacos y Mas!