Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Beam


Mrs. Beam is a key staff supporter of the DWHS musical program, in addition to being a beloved aide here at West.

Abigail Chichester, Staff Reporter

As you walk in the hallways of Downingtown West every morning, you see that there are teachers looking forward to start the day. All the staff is wonderful and supportive. However, as a student, you realize that there may be one teacher that you always feel connected with whether it is through school-related interests or even complementary personalities.

With that being said, all of the teachers and staff here do inspiring things to help kids enjoy learning new things through different topics. However, there is a staff member at this school who should be recognized for her enthusiasm and hard work; that person is Mrs. Beam.  Although she is not a teacher of Math, English, History, or Science, she is an aide, a costume designer, and a beacon of energy that brightens not only my day but the days of kids all over the school. When I asked Mrs. Beam what she loves about Downingtown West, she said, “I love my job at West because I get to spend time with some really amazing people. Both the students and the staff I work with make my days full and interesting, sometimes in ways I truly never expected.”  To be honest, that is all you really need to succeed in general, and these are wonderful words from Mrs. Beam about all of us.

Mrs. Beam is not only an aide; she also helps out with the DWHS Musical Theater by helping to make the costumes. She enjoys working with the musical staff who are very talented. Mrs. Beam not only enjoys working with the staff, but she enjoys working with children. She shares, “The energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that the students [who are] involved bring that really make me look forward to, as my family calls it ‘Musical Season.'” Mrs. Beam absolutely loves to be surrounded by staff and students and with her trait of vivaciousness she makes the workplace a better place to be.

As students walk down the hallway or before school they should remember that teachers do so much for us. Teachers appreciate students for their positive aspects and accept them for who they are. Students should think of that one teacher that has always said hi in the hall, asked how their day went, say thank you.