Wall of Winners


Stop by Wagner gym to see the jerseys of former Whippets who made it pro!

Ella Bradbury, Staff Reporter

Proudly displayed outside the Wagner Gym are three jerseys of former Whippets who made it pro. The jersey of Elijah Wilkinson, an American football offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos, hangs on the far left. Beside it hangs the jersey of Becky Edwards, an American soccer player for Swedish club Kristianstads DFF. Finally, on the far right, Whippets can see Zach Steffen’s jersey from playing as a professional goalkeeper on the United States’ national soccer team as well as a German club team.

These jerseys were hung both in recognition of their hard work and also as a way to inspire all of West’s staff and students to work for their dreams. Senior at West, Bridget Lear, says “[it] demonstrates how amazing of a[n athletic] program West has and how much talent comes from it.”  They serve as a constant reminder to all of West, athletes and non-athletes, that anything is possible if they work hard to achieve their goals. West hopes to be able to grow this wall of inspiration in the years to come.