Music Recommendations for Studying


Max PIxel

Books open, earbuds in! Music can be incredibly helpful as a studying tool for students.

Cyre Young, Staff Reporter

Listening to music while doing homework makes a better experience because it helps you stay focused and you can jam out to your favorite song while you work. Of course, make sure you’re still getting your work while you’re doing so. Joking aside, here is a list of music that I recommend listening to while you do homework, studying, or anything along those lines.

1. Mr. FijiWiji’s “Lost Lost Lost” Album:

Mr. FijiWiji is a producer known for making beautifully chill tracks and this album proves it. With six instrumental tracks and four tracks featuring really skilled vocalists, FijiWiji’s album “Lost Lost Lost” will surely please your ears with his soothing musical style. Definitely give this album a listen!

Some favorites from the album are

●  Reality Is More Beautiful​ (ft. Matt Van): Matt Van is a really skilled vocalist and Mr. FijiWiji compliments his vocals really well with the instrumental he made. From the beautiful sounding piano sound in the intro, to the chorus drops, this track is a treat to listen too.

●  Something to Hold (ft. Holly Drummond):​ Great vocals by Holly, another great vocalist, and great instrumental by FijiWiji, I especially like the little beat drop after the chorus.

●  To Belong (ft. Exit Strategy):​ No vocals in this one, but both producers did really well with this collab. I love the bassline and the overall vibe of the track, which I found slightly different than the other ones. It’s still calm like the rest, but it seems a bit darker than the majority of the album, which I found interesting.

2. ​Any Deadmau5 Song:

Deadmau5(Joel Zimmerman) is one of the greatest electronic producers in the game. Ranging from house, to experimental, even hip hop and orchestral, this man can literally do anything. His music is really good for homework/studying because some of his songs are very long in length, and all of his music is just a work of art. Here are some song recommendations

●  Stay ft. Colleen D’Agostino (Radio Edit):​ “Stay” is a great example of Joel’s classic house style. However, one of the main reasons I like this song is because of the intro. It shows how well orchestral elements and electronic elements can blend together. Real high quality stuff overall.

●  While (1<2) Album:​ This album is just phenomenal. From artistic experimental tracks, to his famous house style, to beautiful piano songs, this album is a work of art. You HAVE to give this album a listen!

●  Sleepless:​ This song is just chill vibes all around. From the powerful message in the intro, to the slow beat, this song just hits you in the feels. Again, featuring some great piano and some acoustic drums. This song is great for when you’re emotional.

●  Snowcone:​ This song is a bit more simple than most of his tracks, at least I think so, but it’s still a jam! It’s a nice little beat with some great ambiance and a good old drum break to bring it all together. Another great example of his experimental work with some hip hop influence.

There are many other songs that I can recommend, but I don’t want to bore you to death, so I’ll just move on.

3. Any Vairen Song:​

Varien is another example of an artist who can combine orchestral and electronic elements really well. This dude is phenomenal at what the does and his style is so unique. Not only that, but like deadmau5, he’s really smart when it comes to production, especially when it comes to orchestral. From film score worthy orchestral, to dubstep bangers, to just straight-up jams, this man can do it all!

Some Favorites Include:

● Born or Blood, Risen From Ash:​ Inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne (two games I’ve never played), this track proves that Varien is a genius when it comes to orchestral. I love how cinematic this track is, with not only orchestral elements such as some great strings and an equally as great sounding choir, but it has some dubstep drums and bassline as well, and even some electric guitar. Just phenomenal!

●  Monarch Butterfly:​ Not only is this track a great example of Varien’s more electronic side, but it’s a straight-up jam! The bassline is just so smooth and clean, and it has a really dark vibe, which makes it that much better. Plus, let’s not forget the synth sounds, really dark and mysterious and it carries the whole vibe of the track before the drop hits. Really nice song

●  Catherine (ft. k?d):​ Well, what do you know, another jam! At the start of the track, we get a beautiful sounding violin, followed by some great synth sounds to start off the track. Then that drop, so minimalist, but still amazing! The bass is just too good, and it gets you moving! Awesome collab!

●  Moonlight (ft. Sirensceol and Aloma Steele):​ This track is just beautiful! Varien proves to be a master of the orchestral genre once again, introducing some choir, strings, and some xylophone before the first drop. Not only that, but Sirensceol came in clutch as well, and Aloma pulls off some great vocals. Varien even changes the time signature to 3⁄4 in a part of the song, then switches it back to 4/4. Let’s not forget that drop though, with some melodic dubstep vibes and some bass sounds every here and there! This track proves that Varien is on another level!

All of these artists are great to listen to while working or studying because of the overall vibe and uniqueness of their styles, and I definitely recommend giving them a listen!