What’s the Whippet Warehouse?


Sailor Anderson

We love The Whippet Warehouse! Juniors Leah McHoul, Rosie Byrne, and Leah Rogelstad strike a pose in front of West’s newest business venture.

Sailor Anderson, Staff Reporter

Some of you may or may not know about the Whippet Warehouse, so what is it?

The Whippet Warehouse is our recently opened school store that is open during lunches. The store sells a variety of items–everything from apparel to lanyards, from wrist bands to candy. An interview with co-president, Rosie Byrn, gives us what’s up and coming with the school store.

Are there any school specials?

“Store specials include muffins and donuts sold every Thursday and gift cards will be available soon. The Whippet Warehouse online store is now open and accepts credit cards.”

How is the pricing?

“They are high but reasonable so we are able to pay the people that supply the items to us; hence why the Mentos are $1.50 so we can [also] make money off it for our school. Cheaper items include wristbands which are one dollar.”

Who runs the store?

“Our admin is [Business Ed. teacher] Mrs. Rutchauskas, and the president and co-president are Taylor Blankly and Rosie Byrne. We actually take anyone who wants to join to help with our financing, marketing, and pricing. It really helps those who are interested in business for the future in college or to know what it’s like running a business in general. It also is a great graduation project if you don’t have one. We are very flexible on hours.”

When did the school store open?

“We started the Whippet Warehouse about two years ago. We got the Home and School to put items in, and we got the special needs kids to put their items in. We are open to suggestions on what to sell or any ideas of what the consumers want.”

Any particular moment or memory that stands out?

“A particular moment that stands out is probably the grand opening. Even though we were not that known to many people, it was a feeling of accomplishment for us because we finally got to open a store.”

What is your biggest challenge?

“The biggest challenge right now for us is getting our name out there to the public. Part of the reason for this is because of our location in the back of the cafeteria. We are just trying to figure out how to get our word out there.”

How do you think you can solve this problem?

“By making posters and talking to the student body directly to ask what they think and what suggestions they have.”

Is there anything else you wanted to share?

“Be on the lookout for new products and new advertisements.  [Returning LINKers can purchase] LINK stickers for $2. If you ever see Taylor Blankly, give her a ‘you’re running the store great’ comment because she has been working very hard on communications.”

If you haven’t already done so, go check out the Whippet Warehouse because they offer a variety of items and a friendly atmosphere.

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