Tuesdays Just Became the Best Night of the Week!


PJ Whelihan's

Known as "PJ's" to Westies, PJ Whelihan's offers a great Wing Night deal to students and other customers at its Downingtown location.

Lea Filidore, Staff Reporter

Arguably one of the best traditions for students at Downingtown West, Wing Night is the highlight of the week for many students.

Once every week, students of all classes convene at the local P.J. Whelihan’s Pub and Restaurant for good conversation and even better food. Hundreds of high school students flock to the restaurant with friends and teammates. During my visit, among the throngs of people, the volleyball team and the cross country team were clearly visible, along with dozens of familiar Whippet faces. Perhaps one of the best things about Wing Night is the sense of inclusion the event has. No matter who you are– a freshman, a senior, a cheerleader, or an academic team captain– there will always be a familiar face in the crowd. The amount of high school students all arriving at P.J.’s after practices and club activities tends to make wait times long. Luckily, if you are with a group, the time passes quickly with many laughs and memories made along the way.

I asked senior Taylor Root what she liked most about West’s Wing Night tradition, and she said, “My favorite part about Wing Night is getting to hang out with people outside of school on a night where we are all still loaded with homework and tired. Regardless of the stress we have surrounding us at school, my friends and I forget about it when we all meet up for Wing Night and it makes us feel a little less upset about the three days of school we have left in the week.”

A clear benefit of Wing Night, other than to give students a chance to escape the pressures of the school week, is to give broke high school kids a chance to enjoy good wings at half price. Wings are a specialty food at P.J. Whelihan’s, with a dozen different flavors available with various different sizing options. The best choice, in my opinion, is to mix and match wing flavors in a ten-wing basket. Senior Audrey Jones said, when asked about her favorite Wing Night order, “I always get honey barbeque wings. Extra crispy!”

Even if wings aren’t your thing, there are other great food options you can enjoy with friends or teammates. Jenna Shuda (’22) and Maureen Hammond (’21) both agree that the “really good nachos” are a good, slightly more expensive, alternative to P.J.’s classic wings. With a combination of good food and good company (because West students are almost always good company), Wing Night is one of the best and most underrated Downingtown West traditions.

Visit PJ Whelihan’s at 853 E. Lancaster Avenue.