Terror Behind the Walls: A Review


Bea Nonnemaker

“TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS at Eastern State Penitentiary” is largely printed on the walls, towering over you as you enter the attraction, preparing you for the horror to come…

Bea Nonnemaker, Staff Reporter

With Halloween right around the corner, a popular activity for high schoolers to do is to visit the haunted and spooky attractions around the area. With Field of Screams, Pennhurst Asylum, Eastern State Penitentiary, and Bates Motel all located nearby, there are more than enough options for kids to pee themselves with fright and run straight to the exit door.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind the Walls”, a seamlessly terrifying walk through the haunted, old prison located in North Philly. Unfortunately, weekend trips to these haunted attractions mean long lines filled with people waiting to get scared. Luckily, while you wait in line with anticipation, actors scour the premises, covered in blood and horrifying makeup, popping up behind you when you least expect it.

Sadly, I was unable to interview any of the actors since they are required to remain in character while on the job. However, I asked a girl and her friends standing next to me in line a few questions about the attraction. The girl was 17 years old and a senior in high school. She said she had visited the Penitentiary with her friends for the past 3 years. While talking about the Penitentiary with her, she said, “Me and my friends like this one way more than the others cause it feels more real.” I absolutely agree with her on this, since I felt the same way when I visited the attraction.

My trip to the Penitentiary was super fun. For only a $34 general admission pass, my party was able to go through all six haunted attractions, including the Blood Yard, the Machine Shop, Quarantine 4D, Break Out, Lockdown, and the Infirmary. We were also given the option of wearing a glow up necklace that allowed the actors to interact with and even take us away while walking through these attractions. Although I decided to wear it at the beginning, I can promise you, I didn’t have it on the whole night. With people coming at you from all directions, the last thing you want is to be taken away from your group, with no idea how to find your way back.

For anyone who likes getting scared, I suggest visiting the Penitentiary. It’s not only affordable, but super fun!  Get more information here.