What New West Students Should Know

Study hall! Transfers Jonathan Miree ‘21) and Audrey Jones (‘20) study and hang out to end their day!

Alicia Djomani

Study hall! Transfers Jonathan Miree ‘21) and Audrey Jones (‘20) study and hang out to end their day!

Alicia Djomani, Staff Reporter

Being a new student in a completely new environment can either be an exciting form of change or downright overwhelming. It really all depends on how one transforms their situation into a positive outlook.  Last year at West there were about 60 new students, including Audrey Jones (‘20), a transfer from Missouri. I had the opportunity to ask her a series of questions about her adjustment here at West and the sentiments she has for the school.

My first question was “What are some ways you got through your time at West? What helped?” Her response was: “Some ways I got through my time here at West is by making friends throughout my classes and creating a bond by suffering through school work together.” Although this is coming from the perspective of one individual, this advice may be helpful for other newcomers at West because schoolwork can oftentimes be an easy conversation starter for students.

Sports at West are a big part of our community that can help make it easier for students to meet new people and make new friends. One of our newcomers, Jonathan Miree (‘21), a recent transfer from Texas, opened up about how basketball helped him to meet others and find new friends. He was surprised that the school basketball team reached out to him through social media which ultimately made him feel comfortable and confident to talk to a variety of people, including his potential teammates themselves. When I asked Miree about the best advice he’d been given as a new Whippet, he responded by explaining how “the best advice was to meet new people by getting involved. For me personally, it was basketball. People from the basketball team reached out to me before the season even started so that definitely helped with meeting other people.” As can be seen through Miree’s first experience at West, getting involved in sports can be an extremely easy way to meet new people quickly, whether it be teammates or faculty.

Downingtown West High School has a lot of clubs to offer to its students so its best to get involved! Some clubs include the Black Student Union, Aevidum, Youth Equity Solutions, Ecology Club, Debate Club, and more! Therefore, I, along with multiple people, recommend that newcomers get into clubs they could potentially be interested in.

West is known to be an academically accelerated district when compared to others, so be ready to put in work into you’re assignments and studying. When studying, it’s important to take advantage of your surroundings at the school. During free periods like study halls and lunch, you can oftentimes find students in our study areas near the stairs all around the building and in our library. Don’t fret if you’re not able to find the library though; according to a newcomer, Jonathan Miree (‘21),” the teachers [at West] were really friendly and helped me get around the school.” According to these two transfer students, Downingtown West is a very welcoming environment that makes sure everyone feels accepted.