The Career Center: A Hidden West Gem


Check out the Career Center bulletin board for more information about college visits here at West.

Victoria Martin, Staff Reporter

Attention, seniors! College applications are due soon and it is time to show your top college choices that you are invested in spending your next four years with them.

If you have any questions about the application process for your favorite universities and want to know what life is like on their campus – come join them when they come to Downingtown West to visit and tell their stories. They will give you the information you need to know to decide if their school is for you and tell you how to navigate their application process efficiently. To sign up, all you have to do is go to the Naviance home page. On the right hand side of the screen,  it will say “what’s new”. The list of all the upcoming college visits happening at West will be there for you to scroll through. When you find the ones that match your interests, click on the school to register. Naviance will assist you through the college application process so become familiar with it and sign up to visit what could be your future school.

The Career Center located next to the Guidance Office has all kinds of information about colleges and universities and coordinates the visits that they make to West. We want to be sure that the Class of 2020 knows that the Career Center is there for them as a valuable resource. I spoke with a current West senior and she gave me her input and experience with the Career Center. She said, “I am aware that we have a Career Center and it can be used for college visits when the college representatives come. They get to know more students when they visit and help to make the students aware of their college features and activities. Also, on the board in the Career Center are a bunch of jobs that are hiring for teenagers if anyone wants to know about those opportunities.” When asked if she has ever used the Career Center and if it helped her plan for the future, she told me, “I have used the Career Center in the past for a college visit to be more aware about the financial aid opportunities that these colleges offer and it has helped me to really narrow down my list of colleges.”

As you get ready for the next big step in your academic life, don’t forget to incorporate Naviance, college visits, and the Career Center into your planning. Together, they will give you lots of information to assist in helping you to find the best school for you!