College Essay Tips and Tricks


Alyssa Threadgill

The Common Application offers a variety of prompt choices to help you best express yourself to colleges and universities.

Alyssa Threadgill, Staff Reporter

For many seniors, preparing for college is a long and stressful process. College applications seem to take up all of your energy and patience. One of the most stressful aspects of the college application is the essay. Colleges will ask you about yourself, your ambitions, experiences and other topics that you may think are difficult to describe. To ensure that your essays are the best colleges have ever seen, follow these tips!

  1. Read over the prompt a few times to make sure you fully understand what it is asking you to write. Taking the time to read over all of the information first will make the rest of this process much easier.
  2. Make sure you know which schools prefer the Common App essay or the essay on their website. If you are not sure of which one to use, contact the school for more information.
  3. Remember to draft your writing to organize your thoughts. These are some of the most important essays you will write. Take it seriously and give yourself enough time to prepare. Also, think about what makes you special. Are you involved in sports or clubs? Do you have any hidden talents? Have you had any interesting experiences or overcome a challenge that changed your life? Use your writing as a way to express yourself to colleges. They want to get to know you, so be sure to include any details that will show off your unique traits.
  4. Once you finish writing, don’t forget to proofread and have at least two people edit the essay. If you have two sets of eyes read your essay, you will have fewer errors in your final draft.
  5. Relax and submit your writing. Colleges will never expect a perfect essay. They want to know about you and the qualities that will make you a good student at their school. You have worked hard and your future is extremely bright. Best of luck, Class of 2020! πŸ™‚