West Holds Annual Blood Drive; Saves Lives


West StuCo

Always giving back! Student Council Executive Board helps out with the blood drive.

Julia Harpel, Staff Reporter

Last Monday, April the 29th 2019, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm was the annual blood drive, hosted by West Student Council in conjunction with The American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross set up in the small gym and welcomed students and faculty to donate blood. Students over the age 16 were eligible to donate. Many students were excited to donate but could not due to weight restrictions or iron deficiencies. Jessica Harpel (‘21) said, “I wish I was able to donate but my I am not 16 until [after the drive].” However, many students and staff participated in this day of giving back to the community through blood donation.

StuCo helped with the process, also giving out stickers and posters to participants. After a check in and health history, students either gave a pint of blood, or, if they signed up for Power Red, they gave two pints of blood and had nutrients pumped back in. By the close of the drive, 74 individuals donated, and ten of whom donated through Power Red. The donors were fed a variety of snacks, water and orange juice following their donation, when they had to sit for fifteen minutes during a period of observation. During this time, each student wrote his or her name on paper a blood drop which will be hung up in the lobby. Check to see if you can find your name or the name of a friend or favorite teacher!

Overall, the blood drive was a success, saving 222 lives. It was another great event, and one we here at West can look forward to each year.