Cupcake Wars at West

This year's winning cupcake featured a S'mores theme.

Austin Ceglowski

This year's winning cupcake featured a S'mores theme.

Austin Ceglowski, Staff Reporter

Every spring the students enrolled in Baking and Confections compete in a brutal but friendly competition that allows them to show off the skills they have learned throughout the year. Each table, or team, comprised of 4 people, researches and comes up with a cupcake recipe with the intention to woo the judges. Judges are adults who work throughout the building, and they enter the arena unbiased as they have no idea which group’s cupcake is which.

This year’s competition began with the teams making their cupcakes, each uniquely different in taste than those at the other tables. On the following Tuesday came the time for the artists to shine, as the teams were tasked with icing and decorating their cupcakes. Some groups added various treats on top of the cupcake, such as chocolate chips, graham crackers, Nilla wafers, potato chips, or Oreo chunks. Each team  then chose their six best-looking cupcakes for judging based on taste and appearance.

As the judges dug in, the students waited with anticipation in order to gain the ultimate bragging rights given to the Cupcake Wars champion! Once the cupcakes were tried and eaten, the judges deliberated and decided that the winner for the year of 2019 was be Table 3: Lauren McKenna, Emily Zindel, and Josephine Kolessar. They made a s’mores cupcake with a cream cheese icing and a garnish of chocolate chips and a graham cracker.  Congrats to Table 3 as the 2019 Cupcake War Champions!