Senior Prom Preview


Drexelbrook Catering

The renowned Grand Ballroom at Drexelbrook awaits senior prom attendees.

Mackenzie Bundra, Staff Reporter

Senior Prom, for many, is an important milestone and an incredible life moment.  The senior prom celebration for West is no different!

There are a few things to take care of if you are thinking of attending senior prom as a member of the Class of 2019.  In order to bring a guest from  a different school and to buy a ticket for yourself, make sure to obtain a permission form from the ticket booth in the caf and get it signed before purchasing tickets (even if you are 18). Also, in order to purchase a ticket you and your date must have all obligations cleared; this includes grad projects, parking tickets  and lunch account payments. Tickets are $80 each and will be on sale April 29-May 3 in the cafeteria at all lunches.

Prom isn’t just an event that spans a few hours; it is an almost all-day affair!  Everyone gets together at Brickside in Eagleview to take beautiful photos. Here is where you will see all the amazing dresses on beautiful girls and their handsome dates wearing matching vests or ties. This happens for a few hours and the fun is just starting. Next, everyone drives to the prom venue in the Grand Ballroom at Drexelbrook.  Some people rent a party bus with friends — so fun! — or simply drive with one another.  Parking is available at the venue.

Once there, prom-goers experience fun party music and amazing food. Everyone has a blast on the dance floor enjoying a last high school dance. If attendees aren’t ready for the party to end — don’t worry! There is an annual After Prom event, too!

Post prom is a great deal of fun.  To get a preview of the excitement planned for the evening, you can follow them on Instagram (@dwestpostprom) for sneak peek’s of this year’s theme: Movie Night. The post-prom committee will magically transform the school into a brand new place! There will be lots of food in the caf, along with raffle prizes! The raffle prizes are won by using tickets which guests can acquire by playing some of the many games they have. The games range from poker to catching money in an air bubble; the event also features bounce house races and so much more! Post-prom goes from until 4 am with all different types of things to keep you entertained.

Remember to have fun and be safe on May 31st, seniors!