Danish Exchange Students Headed to Denmark


Smile! West students and their Danes take on the city of Philadelphia.

Gianna Carlucci, Staff Reporter

From March 28, 2019 through April 7, 2019, selected students from West will be traveling to Denmark through the Danish Exchange program. As part of the program, a student from West is partnered with a student from a school in Denmark. In October, the Danish students came to West and participated in various activities with the DWHS students. They visited many cities while they were in the States, and even attended school at West for a few days. Now that it is time for the West kids to go Denmark, the kids are eagerly waiting to see their good friends again.

The group has begun prepping for the tedious flight but could not be more excited to leave. Each student will spend a few nights with his or her host partner’s family, then all will continue to travel throughout the country. Students will spend some time in Copenhagen, Farum, and Christiana. Tristan McEarlean explained that he is most excited to “experience a new country, branch out, and have new opportunities on his own.” Although he will be with the group, this will be his first time having an experience like this without his family. He decided to do the exchange because it will be his “first experience and travel on his own” and he will be able to “understand another culture and way of life” because he is only used to American way of living.

For the application process students had to fill out an application, write an essay, and go through an interview process. They then find out if they were accepted to the exchange program via email. It is going to be exciting seeing their journey next week!

If you are interested in participating in the Danish Exchange in the future, stay tuned for updates from Mr. Mapes, who heads the program here at West.