Pelican’s Snoballs: A Review

On a hot day, nothing beats an ice cold snoball from Pelican's in Downingtown!

Shannon Byrne

On a hot day, nothing beats an ice cold snoball from Pelican's in Downingtown!

Shannon Byrne, Staff Reporter

Looking for something refreshing as the warm weather is approaching? A fairly new snoball stand opened a few years ago in Downingtown called Pelican Snoballs! With a large menu with one hundred different flavors and any mixture you want, you will never walk away unsatisfied.

Original New Orleans shaved ice has made its way into Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The current snoball stand owner is as friendly as can be. The application window for this season has already passed, but each year he accepts new applicants to be a part of the Pelican Snoball team! This small stand is as simple as can be. All it consists of is a single ice shaving machine, four cup sizes ranging from kiddie to avalanche, 100 syrup flavors, and a few toppings.

Ever since Pelican Snoballs opened here in the borough, it has gotten a lot of hype. You will see all over Snapchat people posting pictures of their crazy flavor combos. Pelican’s has flavors ranging from pink lemonade and cherry to pickle and toothpaste. A common snoball goer, Lindsay Wallace (’19) says, “Every time I go I try to switch it up and get something new, but so far my favorite combination is pink lemonade and iced tea.” Some people will even challenge each other to get the craziest combinations, like egg custard and carrot cake with the sour sauce. The flavor combinations are endless!

Pelican Snoballs is a cool place to hang out with your friends or family. As the weather gets warmer go grab a snoball to cool you down!

Visit Pelican’s at 507 W. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, open daily from 11am-9pm.