A Day Without Hate

Be the change! Senior Elaina Geiger decorates ahead of Day Without Hate.

Be the change! Senior Elaina Geiger decorates ahead of Day Without Hate.

Alanna Braxton, Staff Reporter

On Friday January 25th, 2019, Student Council ran Downingtown West’s annual Day Without Hate, a day designed to radiate positivity, limit violence, promote respect, and model unity. Day Without Hate all started in 2007 after the shootings at Virginia Tech University. Students at a high school in Colorado started this wonderful day, unique for how its participants wear white and model the behaviors of safety, unity, and kindness.

Throughout the day at West, students were given positivity lollipops to enjoy and kindness clothespins to clip to one another’s backpacks. These ideas were created by Student Council’s officers and executive board members. Clubs and organizations throughout the building showcased their support for the day by decorating hallways and common areas with messages of love and unity. Everyone was encouraged to wear white to show support for the wonderful cause and West was a sea of white. The ideas were so different this year and everyone seemed to love it. StuCo co-president Sadie Grunwell (’19) talked about what the day means to her: “Day Without Hate is such a positive day that really helps to remind people to be kind and that it isn’t hard to brighten someone’s day.” Freshman Anthony Braxton shared, “DWOH is an amazing day, we didn’t do anything like this at the middle school. I wish everyday was like that, filled with happiness, kindness and no stress.”

Without a doubt, Day Without Hate means a lot to the West community and, maybe as a whole, we should try to be positive and kind everyday!