DWBL Season Underway

Big Ups! Senior Trevor Dunn makes a big play in a key Cavs game.

Mr. Derek Dunn

Big Ups! Senior Trevor Dunn makes a big play in a key Cavs game.

Aidan Carr, Staff Reporter

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The 2019 Downingtown West Basketball League is officially underway. The League’s inaugural season was held in 2014, with WBYA and EBYA partnering up to create a larger league with all Downingtown West students. The league features 12 teams all sharing a name of an NBA franchise. The teams are selected to be balanced, enhancing the competition even further. West Side Beat caught up with Cavs SF Trevor Dunn (’19) after a recent 19-point performance for his team.

WSB: What has the Downingtown West Basketball League done for you?

TD: DWBL has brought me new friendships and has given me an outlet to my anxiety.

WSB: What do you like most about DWBL?

TD: What I like about DWBL is that I’m playing a game that I love with and against my friends and classmates.

WCB: Where do you see DWBL in 5 years?

TD: I see DWBL growing as a very popular recreational basketball league that will thrive and bring people together. DWBL is a great part of our community that brings all basketball lovers together.

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