Graduation Project Process and Ideas


Mackenzie Bundra

Graduation projects can be worthwhile volunteer hours that help our local community, whether human or animal! Mackenzie Bundra ('19) volunteered at LaMancha Animal Rescur for her project.

Mackenzie Bundra, Staff Reporter

Your high school graduation project can be a fun learning experience or a stressful thing you have to get done on time. Either way your graduation project is a very important and mandatory project to get done before graduating. The graduation project allows students to go beyond the traditional learning and branch out to new opportunities. Freshman and sophomore students still have a lot of time to complete their project, but there is no harm in getting it done early!

If you are a rising junior you must have your graduation project proposed in order to participate in activities like Junior Prom and getting a parking pass. As for rising seniors you must have your graduation project completed in order to purchase a parking pass and Senior Prom tickets; you also need to fulfill this obligation in order to graduate.

There are some requirements for the graduation project, but don’t worry–they are manageable for everyone!  Your graduation project must be voluntary (you can’t be getting paid for it) for a minimum for 40 hours; this includes planning time.  You must have a graduation project mentor willing to verify and sign off on your completed project hours.

To begin your project, start with the proposal form and asking your mentor to sign off. Then, send your completed proposal to Mr. Hassel (Tech Ed) either by email using [email protected] or by dropping off the information to the main office. Mr. Hassel
tries his best to get back to you with his signed approval as soon as possible!

Once you receive your approval email you may begin working on your graduation project. Some ideas for projects include volunteering at LaMancha No Kill Animal Shelter or a local homeless shelter, painting a ceiling tile, volunteering your services with Habitat for Humanity, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

At the end of your 40 hours you must email Mr. Hassel and ask to be assigned to a graduation project team. It will then be your responsibility to get in touch with your graduation project team to set up a date and time to present your project. However, before you present you must complete a self-evaluation form to bring on the day you present, along with the log of your hours. Presenting your project may be stressful to some, but Lindsay Wallace (‘19) states that she, “felt really confident presenting and the teachers were really excited and interested in my project.” It is not a formal presentation like one might give in class; it is more of a conversation between you and the presentation team, who genuinely want to hear about how you spent your time.

At the end of the day, it is better to get your project done ahead of time. High school flies by quickly, and eventually you will be graduating… so make sure to pick a fun graduation project and get it done!