Longwood Gardens: A Year-Round Delight


Lindsay Wallace

The stunning displays at Longwood are a joy for photographers and casual viewers alike.

Lauren Glancey, Staff Reporter

Visiting Longwood Gardens is a great way to spend time during the holiday and winter season. For those unaware, Longwood Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden with over 1,077 acres of scenery. In the months leading up to the Christmas season, Longwood’s landscape is decorated with lights as well as synchronized fountain shows. Not only can visitors tour and enjoy the festive decorations, Christmas performances by local musicians are also free with admission. Visiting Longwood can easily be a great memory with your friends or family and can become a new tradition!

Although a visit to Longwood Gardens during the holiday season is very popular, Longwood has many diverse and fun activities throughout the year. For those who do not celebrate Christmas or would like to enjoy the scenery during a less busy time of year, Longwood has many options that can appeal to anyone. The greenhouses, conservatory, and outdoor exhibits change throughout the seasons during the year and offer new things to see and observe.  After his AP Environmental field trip to Longwood, Kevin Damico (’19) reflected on his time spent there: “I always enjoy going to Longwood during Christmas, but it’s just as cool without all the lights too. I especially like the bonsai trees!”

From local gardeners to people planning a wedding, Longwood offers many classes or a special venue that can appeal to those in our community. They have craft making classes where one can craft their own souvenir that serves as a new decoration and special memory. They also include portions of the day dedicated to kids so that families with younger children can keep them entertained but also have the same special experiences.  “Spotlight talks,” where their experienced staff talks about the nature and history behind the gardens, are offered at select times throughout the seasons.

With the upcoming spring season, many of the activities Longwood offers are orchid and floral related. The dull days of January through March can now be fulfilled with exciting trips where you learn about the history as well as the many benefits Longwood offers our area.  Visit their website for more information, and plan your visit today!