Time to Empower!


Wonder Woman represents all that Empower stands for. So, clearly, she had to be a part of the unofficial logo.

Rachel Bowman, Staff Reporter

Calling all the ladies! Looking for a new club to join? Got Tuesdays free? Then grab a friend and come to an Empower meeting next Tuesday, after school. There are so many good things going on at once, you don’t want to miss out!

We’ve got the snacks. The friendly faces. The positive energy! But if you’re all about empowerment, then we’re still missing something. We’re missing you. Let’s talk about how we ladies can make positive change. Let’s talk about what’s been stopping us!

Spoiler – we may or may not prove to you that nothing can stop you from making positive change. Maybe you’ll prove us wrong. We’re open for discussion. We’ll find out if you show out! So show out. Make some new friends, and eat some good snacks. We’d love to have you.

It’s time to empower.