Down to Disc?


Ryan Ulmer

Where it all Began! The first official meeting of West Disc took place on April 11, 2018.

Brennan Kelly, Staff Reporter

Once upon a time, a group of friends went to East Brandywine Park with a plastic frisbee. One man, current senior Nick Smailer, decided to fling the disc all the way across a soccer field into an empty net. At the moment, a game was born that would change their worlds forever. The friends started to play an alternative version of what is commonly known as Ultimate Frisbee, where the goal is to shoot on nets. Several months later, in the spring of 2018, Nick and a group of his friends, including co-founder Max Zeller, officially created the school club known as WestDisc.

This club attracted a lot of attention towards the end of the 2017-2018 school year. The club went from a small group of 12 junior guys tossing around a circle of plastic to a phenomenon that had the whole Downingtown West building talking. Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2018, WestDisc drew the attention of students all across the West community, and even from STEM Academy. Today, the club has over 50 active members and is ready to pass the torch down to a new group of disc-loving underclassmen.

WestDisc meetings are held usually right after school at East Brandywine Park (The Birthplace) or right here at Downingtown West. There is a $10 fee to join the club; however, with the money, the club hopes to purchase official WestDisc t-shirts later this spring. Co-founder and President Nick Smailer (’19) says people should join because “everyone has fun and is able to participate even if [they] have never played it before.” He later added, “It is fun to learn a new sport and thinks other students in our school will enjoy it too.”

Co-founder Max Zeller (’19) explained how he was actually “born to disc” when talks about his “Disc Family.” He hopes the tradition can be passed to his younger brother, Dustin, who is a current sophomore. As the 2019 seniors prepare for graduation, college, careers, and life beyond high school, the end is near for our beloved family of WestDisc. The WestDisc family has brought students together unlike any other club Downingtown has to offer. However, the tradition does not have to end in 2019. This senior class wants this to be just the beginning of a Disc era at Downingtown. We want our game to live past our school days here at West, and impact lives the way it impacted ours.

Come out and join the WestDisc family! But don’t show out if you are not Down to….Frisbee!





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