D-West Band and Orchestra Winter Concert

Nathan Thomas, Staff Reporter

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On December 19th, the Downingtown West band and orchestra played their annual winter concert. It was a night full of music from several different groups. The beginning of the concert was a video dedicated to the parents of band students, made by Brendan Mascherino (’20) and Michael Magarahan (’20). Then the music began with the orchestra performing first, followed by concert band and concluding with the concert band without STEM students. A flute trio consisting of Abigail Pincus (’19), Kellan Mozzone (’20), and Caitlin Sparhawk (’19) played afterwards. Then the symphonic band performed, followed by the jazz band, and, finally, the orchestra and symphonic band came together.

The concert went without a hitch… for the most part. There was one problem at the end of the concert when the symphonic band and orchestra performed “Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson). At the very end of the piece an unfortunate accident happened which caused the rest of the group to mess up the ending of the song. In response, band director Mr. Otto decided to redo the last part of the piece, and it went exponentially better. Multiple performers were laughing about the event afterwards. When asked about that part of the concert Lucas Andreas (19’) said, “I just left the stage and laughed, what else do you do in a situation like that?”

It was also a sad night for the senior music students. Lots of people expressed how they could not believe that it was their final winter concert. This included Rafael Alarcon (’19) who was speechless when asked how he felt about it being his last winter concert.

Despite complications within songs and sad goodbyes to winter concerts, every student who performed should feel proud for a job well done.

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