Free Chick-fil-A, anyone?

Here are a few hats and mittens within the school; keep an eye out for yours!

Kayla Boileau

Here are a few hats and mittens within the school; keep an eye out for yours!

Kayla Boileau, Staff Reporter

You may have noticed brightly colored hats and mittens hanging in the West hallways, each one displaying the name of a member of our West community.  Wondering why?  Well, keep your eyes peeled throughout the school for a glimpse of your very own name on a hat or mitten, all of which were designed and hung as part of a joint project between the Cultural Equity team, Wellness/Fitness classes, English classes, office assistants, Aevidum, and Student Council.

Once you find your hat or mitten, take a picture of or write down the number associated with your name.  Then, during this entire week, listen at the end of each period for the number that is printed on your mitten.  If you hear your number called, head down to the main office to receive your prize of a free Chick-fil-A gift card!

This week of holiday cheer has been made that much better with this awesome opportunity to get the entire school involved and for us all to feel a part of the West community.  A junior here at West, Jenna Clark, says about the project, “I love the activity of searching for my name between periods and hoping to win some free Chick-fil-A.” Because this is not a competition and is more of a luck game, feel free to help out a classmate or teacher and tell them their number or the location of their winter accessory if they have not yet found their hat or mitten.  The entire West community is included, from students to teachers to maintenance and support staff.  Just keep looking, and see how many names you recognize throughout the building!