Restaurant Review: Caln Pizza and Pasta


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Pizza, pizza! Come get some pizza! Restaurant owner Najib Abiaad prepares dough for his eatery’s beloved pizza.

Shannon Byrne, Staff Reporter

Are you looking for a laid back pizza joint to grab a quick bite to eat? Come visit Caln Pizza and Pasta in the Acme shopping center in Downingtown. With a large menu ranging from cheesesteaks, clubs, hoagies, burgers, pastas, of course pizza, and much more, you will never be hungry leaving here!

Local business owner Najib Abiaad has owned and ran the pizza joint Caln Pizza and Pasta since the age of 18. As a family man, he sees to it himself that every customer leaves happy. Although the shop does not offer food delivery, many people make the trip to come pick up food because it is just that good. You can come in and place an order, call, and now they offer online ordering through their app! Caln Pizza and Pasta is always improving for the public.

With the many regulars that stop by, it becomes clear that there are customer favorites on the menu. A weekly regular, senior Lindsay Wallace says, “Although Caln is known for their pizza and cheesesteaks, my
favorite is their wings.” Another regular, Tom, says that he comes in to eat a shrimp Caesar salad every other night and the boss himself sits and watches the TV show 60 Minutes with him. That is the kind of hospitality you look for but don’t often find in a restaurant!

At the many different events that occur in Caln Township such as the car show, Caln Night Out, and Caln Police/Firefighter functions, you will find the Caln Pizza and Pasta employees posted under a tent making delicious food. Caln Pizza and Pasta is a strong supporter of those who keep us safe, and in return, they are a strong supporter of the pizza!

The goal of Caln Pizza and Pasta is to make every customer happy. And there is no doubt about it that everyone who steps into the restaurant leaves with a smile on their face.

Visit their website to review the menu and hours.

Editor’s Note: This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are reflective of the staff reporter, who was not compensated in any way for this review.