Downingtown West Marching Band Takes First Place at Upper Moreland Competition


The West drum majors lead the marching band during a performance of their show “A Night With India.”

Nikolai Murphy, Staff Reporter

The Downingtown West High School Marching Band recently took first place in a band competition at Upper Moreland High School. Thirteen bands participated and West took first place honors.

The DWHS band is directed by Mr. Ed Otto. There are 178 members in the marching band and there are 25 members of the color guard. There are also four drum majors: Abby Pincus (’19), Krista Devane (’19), Jocelyn Ma (’19 STEM), and Meghan Ballargeon (’20). This year’s Downingtown West marching band show is called “A Night With India.” There are four movements to the show: Feet in the Sand, the Struggle, Sunset and Goodbye. Each movement sets a different mood.

Drum major Abby Pincus was asked whether she gets nervous for competitions. She confirmed that it is easy to get nervous as a drum major, but, she added, “I have faith in every member of the band. We work extremely hard to do well and there is nothing to get nervous about. Sometimes things can go wrong–people can fall, props can be locked in place–but it’s always up to how good the recovery is.” Abby noted that if the recovery is good, the mistake often goes unnoticed.

Finally, Abby revealed why she participates in West band in the first place: “I love being a part of the band because I love music. Having marched for two years and conducted for two it’s quite a different experience. Being able to spend my time with musicians and to lead them within a group ensemble is so much fun, and I wouldn’t want to spend my time doing anything else!”

Congratulations, Downingtown West Band!  Here’s to a great remainder of competition season!