Rita’s vs. Pelican’s — An Icy Competition!

Yum! A delicious Gelati is a favorite treat at Ritas Italian Ice!

Eleni Bandy

Yum! A delicious Gelati is a favorite treat at Rita’s Italian Ice!

Eleni Bandy, Staff Reporter

Summer is quickly approaching, and Rita’s and Pelican’s will become popular hangouts among Downingtown citizens due to their well known and chilling desserts.

Pelican’s Snowballs is famous for their New Orleans style shaved ice. Samantha Haltom’s favorite part about Pelican’s is “their abundance of flavors.” With over 100 different flavors including fruity flavors like wild cherry, strawberry and mango, to unique flavors like toothpaste and pickle, running out of options is never a problem. Sizes range from Kiddie to Avalanche, starting at $2. They even offer snowballs for dogs.

Samantha Haltom
A Pelican’s Snow Cone is shown in the AVALANCHE size. Brrrr!

Rita’s Italian Ice is known for combining custard with water ice to make Gelatis and Misto shakes. Though there aren’t as many flavors and the treats are a little more expensive, many people prefer Rita’s for their custard. Rita’s offers Italian ice, custard, Gelatis, Misto shakes, Blendinis and milkshakes. Mocktails are new and available now. Sophia Bandy prefers Rita’s because “it has a wider variety of desserts.”

To determine the favorite place among the people of Downingtown, a poll was posted on Instagram asking followers if they prefer Rita’s or Pelican’s. Out of the 201 people who voted, 61% of voters said they prefer Rita’s over Pelican’s, while the other 39% said they prefer Pelican’s over Rita’s. So, there you have it! Rita’s is Downingtown’s favorite summer dessert hangout!

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