Farmhouse Coffee: A Favorite West Hangout


Alanna Braxton , Staff Reporter

One of the newest additions to the borough of Downingtown is Farmhouse Coffee. It opened in June of 2017 and has been very successful in the 8 months since opening. Owned by the Petrizzios, the Farmhouse was a long time coming and is the result of many years of brainstorming.  As the couple also owns the property next door to The Farmhouse, they know Downingtown and the people of the community very well. Co-owner Dana Petrizzio says, “We want The Farmhouse to be a really cozy and comfortable place. We want to bring a feeling of togetherness and community to Downingtown.” This new coffeeshop is quickly becoming a fun hangout for lots of students at West and the community of Downingtown.

Many students go to the Farmhouse to drink some coffee, study, and work on homework. The shop has wi-fi access, printers, and a room with TVs for private meetings. The coffeeshop also has outdoor seating for those who are interested in enjoying the outdoors while sipping a beverage. The shop offers a wide variety of handcrafted speciality drinks and pastries. Its main purpose is to serve as a quiet place for people to come enjoy quality coffee and get their work done. Frequent Farmhouse-goer Ally Smith loves the business; she says, “The Farmhouse is one of the best places to enjoy some coffee and get work done! I have gotten many projects done there with friends.” Her sentiments are echoed by many West students and teachers in search of a place to work while enjoying handcrafted beverages and sweet treats.

The Farmhouse is rated 4.5 stars with 111 reviews from its customers. The most popular time to go is 10 o’clock in the morning, but customers are welcome any time between 7am and 4pm (Sundays 8 am-1 pm). The Farmhouse is like no other place in the borough; everyone loves it, and it is bound to be popular for years to come!

The Farmhouse, 115 West Lancaster Ave; 610-269-1400