Whip City Mid-Season Update


Gianna Carlucci, Staff Reporter

The 2017-2018 Downingtown West boys basketball season is underway and the team is scoring points and winning games. The boys have traveled to various schools to fulfill their passion for the game. The effort they put in at practice really shows when they are on the court in front of their loving fans.

Junior Andre Cuebas says that the season is going fine for both the varsity and junior varsity teams. When asked who the key players are for each team, he responded by saying that “there’s really no key players, we have to play as a team to win.” Cuebas said the most challenging part of the season is remembering all the plays, but he is most proud when they win games. He commented about where he wants to see the season go by saying, “I wanna finish over .500 towards the end of the season.” He explained that the reason he plays basketball is because he grew up playing it and watching it, and because it is fun.

The basketball team has many adoring fans that look forward to watching them tear it up every week. The support they receive is vast. Many people say that the basketball games are the highlights of the week. Junior Annika Brynildsen said of one of the players and a close friend, “I enjoy watching Dre ball.”  She explained that the energy that fills the Wagner gym during each game is crazy. Brynildsen has watched both the JV and varsity teams at different times, and has noticed how the boys work well with each other in every game to gain a win.

Both the JV and varsity teams are working hard to clinch their wins.  The 2017-2018 season is coming along well for the boys of Whip City.  They hope to continue to have win and have fun while doing so.  The students of West wish the boys good luck as they play each game by giving their all!