West Conducts Its Inaugural Tri-M Induction


Cassidy Kosta, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday night, December 20th, thirty-one musically superior West students were inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society in West’s inaugural induction ceremony for this honor society. Tri-M stands for Modern Music Masters and has over 6000 chapters worldwide. This is the first year that West can pride itself on its new group of musically talented honor students.  

The night began with an introduction by West’s choir director, Mr. McCloskey, followed by two flute performances. Kellan Mozzone (‘20) and Abbie Pincus (‘19) played from the Sonate for Flute and Piano. Mrs. Gonzalez, the orchestra director, then explained in depth the meaning of Tri-M and emphasized its true honor and prestige. After her speech, Sydney Szwarc (‘18), Anna Luchetti (‘18), and Michellina McNaughton (‘18) all sang beautifully for the audience.

Finally, all 31 new Tri-M members were inducted. Each received a certificate and a pin, and seniors will soon receive their honorable pink cord to wear at graduation. To finish off the great night, Julia Johnson (‘19) played a lovely violin piece and Charlotte McMillen (‘18) played the trumpet.

Christine West (‘18) believes that “Tri-M expands the diversity of West by including the arts in the student body. It represents the musically talented students and provides opportunities for them to share our skills for the good of the community.”  As summed up by Sydney Szwarc, a senior inductee, “Tri-M allows students to get integrated into music in ways that they may not have known were available. They are given opportunities to experience all aspects of the art they love: choral, instrumental, and orchestral.”

While about half of the current Tri-M students will be graduating in June, there will be another induction for new members on May 30th, 2018, so Tri-M may grow bigger and achieve great things.

Congratulations to all inductees of West’s newest honor society!


photo caption: Mrs. Gonzalez, the orchestra director, explains the significance of the Tri-M Music Honor Society