Annual Holiday Teacher Luncheon


Alanna Braxton, Staff Reporter

This year’s Holiday Teacher Luncheon was on December 20, 2017, and it was a complete success! The Student Council Executive Board prepped the library, ran the whole day, and made it fantastic for the teachers! The teachers and administration of West felt loved and appreciated for all of their hard work and dedication.

During each lunch period there was a new delivery of Italian food and there was also a big sheet cake, designed by Jess DeCanio (‘19). The orchestra played holiday songs during the luncheon and there were raffle baskets that the staff could possibly win. The different baskets and the winners were: “The Winter Wonderland Basket” won by Ms. Naggy, “The Bakers Basket” won by Mrs. Hunt, “The Man Basket” won by Mrs. Slusar, “The Coffee Lovers’ Basket” won by Mr. Kearney, “The Movie Basket” won by Mr. Osborne, and “The Spa Basket” won by Mrs. Nass. These teachers were so happy when they got a knock on their door 8th period with their winning basket. The teachers and administration also received an appreciation mug and lots of thank yous from their students. The West teachers and administration do so much for the school and their students, and the luncheon was their day to be thanked more than usual and recognized for all they do.

Thank you to Student Council for sponsoring a wonderful day for our staff!